After the procurement department confirms the completion of purchase process, the work of fabrication begins. The fabrication department works on the drawings (standards plus specifications of the project).

This department also manage to hire the additional labor required for the completion of projects on time. Apart from this the department, also deals with the shipping and export department for the logistics related issues.

The department also has to work in close union with the Quality department to assure that the best quality is preserved throughout the process. This is the stage where the paper plans are rendered reality.
STRR have pooled resources from Thailand's skilled labour, with employees who are able to carry out various skills, which includes fabrication, installation and erection of piping, vessels, storage tanks and structures.

STRR's workshop is fully equipped with a wide range of fabrication machinery, and is located on a site with a floor area of 7,200m2, which ensures that all types and sizes of fabrication work can be accommodated.

This capability is reflected in STRR's current equipment turnover of more than 1000 metric tonnes per annum. The STRR fabrication shop is situated 200 kilometres south east of Bangkok and 40 kilometres east of the international port at Map-ta-phut, giving STRR the ability to transport projects within Thailand and internationally.